Australian Corporate Truth

Truth is a very precious commodity and it seems more fragile than ever these days. Horror stories about corporate giants abusing their power in their dealings and treatment of consumers seem to be exposed on a regular basis. This can range from highly inflated costs for goods and services to ‘Green Washing’.

Business is based on trust. Trust that your customer pays for the service but also that the service being offered is what is expected. Half empty packets of food products being sold for the same price and using the same size packaging as it did for considerably more product is but one example.

At CCS we value and treasure truth and we have to inform you that our prized solar system – that has assisted us in becoming carbon neutral – has not been fully operational for almost 12 months. Due to storm damage, original suppliers disappearing and prohibitive costs we have been running the system at a noticeably lesser capacity than what we consider as acceptable. We will rectify this but it could take a few months until we are back where we need to be.

Truth costs nothing to express but sometimes quite a bit to achieve.