The first step is government legislation for companies of a certain size to declare their Climate Disclosure. This will extend to small and medium enterprises by 2027.

You would think, like the European Union, a tax on single-use plastic would be hot on the heels of this.

Recycling more plastic is not the answer as less than 20 percent gets recycled.

Instead, the answer is simple, use less plastic.

CCS has been proactive with this move for over five years. We want our customers to be proactive and not reactive in this space.

Cardboard derived from wood fibre is recyclable.

Some customers want to change from plastic packaging to cardboard but they want a cheaper price from overseas.

However, importing packaging or a finished product is not going to help with the carbon footprint and Climate Disclosure.

Also one has to consider the pressure on cash flow by ordering and paying for three, six, or 12 months of product in advance, CCS can provide your packaging to meet your manufacturing requirements in weeks, not months.

On the whole, people will not change unless they are made to. This change has to come and when it does it will be a cost to businesses not to address the impact their operations have on the climate and the continued use of single-use plastics.