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Folded Cartons

Let’s see the end of single-use plastics! To invest in a more sustainable solution, choose a folding carton from CCS Packaging, manufactured with FSC® certified materials. 

CCS currently supplies foldable cardboard boxes for a range of industries, including the Food, Electronics, Personal Care, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceutical sectors.

As a HACCP certified team, our business and manufacturing processes now comply with Codex Alimentarius (domestic and international food safety standards). This means we are fully equipped to assist with your food-grade packaging projects.

Whether it’s a reverse tuck, a crash lock, or a straight line carton; CCS has the expertise and equipment to help achieve your packaging goals.
To invest in sustainable foldable cardboard boxes for your packaging, contact us today.

Printed Cardboard Cartons

Make a great first impression with the printed cardboard cartons from CCS. By using our folding cartons, you can display your brand and product names impeccably, all while signalling your company’s move away from single-use plastics.

Foldable Cardboard Cartons - Customised Packaging Requirements

Whether you’re packing coffee beans, face creams, or electronic products, our premium foldable cardboard cartons are perfect for the job. Completely customisable to meet your needs; CCS delivers bespoke solutions for a more affordable price.

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Eco-friendly, visually impressive, and customised to suit your needs, you can’t go wrong when you choose our foldable printed cardboard cartons for your packaging needs. Talk to us about your product to see how affordable CCS Packaging can be.


The Art of Crafted Folded Cartons

Crafting folded cartons is an art we have perfected at CCS Packaging. We create eye-catching cartons that not only protect your products but also convey your brand’s philosophy. Our years of experience in the packaging industry have made us a trusted provider for businesses across various sectors.

Priding on our sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices, we manufacture our folded cartons from FSC-certified materials. Our commitment to reducing the consumption of single-use plastics aligns with our ambitions to provide eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Sydney-based businesses choose our services because we consistently deliver high-quality cartons with speedy production times. We understand the pressures of deadlines and strive to deliver on time every time.

Why Choose Folded Cartons?

Choosing our folded cartons is choosing a reliable, durable, and environmentally friendly packaging solution. But the benefits don’t stop there:

  • Customisation: We customise each carton to fit your unique product, whether it’s beauty goods from Parramatta or gourmet treats from Bondi. This custom design guarantees a product that genuinely encapsulates your brand.
  • Sustainability: Manufactured with FSC-certified materials, our cardboard not only reduces the environmental impact but also promotes your company’s green image.
  • Quality Printing: Our printed cardboard cartons make your products stand out on the shelves, showcasing your brand in its best light.

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Custom Printed Cardboard Cartons

Personalising your packaging has always been challenging with our printed cardboard cartons. Our advanced printing technology ensures your brand and products are displayed impressively and professionally. This high-quality print service signals your company’s dedication to detail and commitment to sustainability.

We understand the power of first impressions, so we ensure your logo, branding, and product information are presented elegantly on every carton. Therefore, we offer customised colours, prints, and embellishments to help your product’s aesthetics align with your branding.

Maximising Eco-Friendliness Through Folded Cartons

Sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity in today’s market. At CCS Packaging, we embrace environmental responsibility by offering businesses a greener alternative to traditional packaging. Our FSC-certified folded cartons not only reduce the environmental footprint but also promote your company’s commitment to preserving the planet.

By choosing our eco-friendly packaging solution, you partner with us in our mission to minimise single-use plastics. Together, we can make a positive difference.

How To Transition to Folded Cartons?

Transitioning to folded cartons is a straightforward process. The first step is to contact our dedicated team, who can help you design a customised packaging solution for your product. After the design process, we manufacture your cartons in Sydney, ensuring fast turnaround times.

Remember, when you switch to folded cartons, you also switch to a more environmentally friendly choice. Not only will you contribute to reducing single-use plastics, but your customers will also appreciate your commitment to sustainability.

Get Your Folded Cartons Today

Ready to make the switch to custom-printed cardboard cartons? Contact us today at 61 – 297 488 333 or visit our website to discover a greener, more efficient, and visually stunning packaging solution. Let us journey together to create a lasting impression on your customers and a minimal footprint on our planet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Folded Cartons in Sydney

CCS Packaging is a trusted provider with years of experience in crafting eye-catching folded cartons. We pride ourselves on sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices and ensure the delivery of high-quality cartons with quick turnaround times.

Our printed cardboard cartons offer multiple benefits. We provide customisation to suit your specific product, ensuring that your product genuinely encapsulates your brand. They are eco-friendly and made from FSC-certified materials. Plus, they help your products stand out with quality printing.

Yes, personalising your packaging is straightforward with our services. We offer customised colours, prints, and embellishments to align with your branding. Our advanced printing technology ensures professionally displayed brands and products.

At CCS Packaging, we use FSC-certified materials for manufacturing our folded cartons. This reduces the environmental footprint and promotes your company’s green image. By choosing us, you’ll be part of our mission to minimise single-use plastics.

The transition to our printed cardboard cartons is simple. The first step is to contact our team, who will guide you in designing a customised packaging solution. After completing the design process, your cartons will be manufactured in Sydney, promoting speedy delivery.

Let us help

If you have a product, we have a packaging solution. You can be a large company, you can be a small independent, with more than 30 years of experience to back us up we can work within your budget to produce a premium finished product.

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