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CCS started in 1988, manufacturing packaging solutions for the Media Industry. CCS manufactured packaging for LPs, Cassettes, CDs, and VHS, followed by DVDs, Games, and Blu Ray. At every turn, CCS has been there supplying packaging solutions.

Today as the primary supplier to the Media Industry, we take on the many challenges that continue to shape the media landscape.

Booklets, Manuals, Brochures, Posters, Inlays, Slicks, etc.

We can print, fold, and stitch paper parts for all types of media projects. With a wide range of paper material to choose from in a number of finishes, we can facilitate your requirements for booklets, inlays, slicks, flyers, and posters across all media platforms including digital coding​.

Slipcases, O-Rings & Box Sets

There are a variety of Slipcase and O-Ring configurations that can be used to complete your packaging, whether it be wrapping CD Jewel Cases, a complete collection of Amaray Cases, Box Sets, or Video Games.

Digipaks and Digistack

CCS brought the Digipak to Australia in 1990 and today this and the other stable Digi products remain the premium form to house your disc. From a single disc, to box sets, our packaging gives designers a range of options on stocks, finishes, and coatings.

Softpacks & Gatefolds

Softpacks are similar to Digipaks without the plastic trays. Discs and booklets sit inside pockets in the cover. Gatefolds have a closed internal spine that allows full image coverage without requiring double-sided printing.

Vinyl packaging

We all love vinyl and it never really went away. CCS can produce single, LP, Gatefold, and Box Sets for this wonderful vehicle of music.

Vinyl Packaging
Booklets & Inlays
Digipak & Softpacks, CDs/BDs/DVDs
Box Sets

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If you have a product, we have a packaging solution. You can be a large company, you can be a small independent, with more than 30 years of experience to back us up we can work within your budget to produce a premium finished product.

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