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Crash Lock Boxes

Crash lock boxes are popular among businesses and other product providers because they can be assembled in one simple movement. These boxes fold out and automatically lock into place, with no glue, tape, or other adhesives required to keep them in place.

At CCS, we proudly supply crash lock boxes for a range of packaging needs. These boxes can be customised to suit your product, and extra tape is available for tamper-proofing and additional fastening purposes.

Crash lock boxes are strong and stable when assembled and delivered flat for easy storage. They can be assembled in seconds or stored away to ensure you always have spare packaging on-site when you need it.

Crash Lock Boxes for Your Food Packaging Needs

If you want a great looking, easy to use option for all your food packaging needs, consider crash lock boxes.

From fast food to coffee bean delivery, CCS can customise crash lock boxes to achieve the look, feel, and branding that best suits your products. CCS is HACCP certified and complies with domestic and international food safety standards, meaning we’re qualified and ready to assist with all your food-grade packaging projects

Invest in Custom Crash Lock Boxes for Your Business

Easy to assemble and designed with your brand and product in mind, the crash lock boxes from CCS are perfect for your business.

Your customers might not be visiting you in person, but you can give them a personalised brand experience with packaging that shows off your business and its products in the best possible light.

Our Commitment to Sustainable, Ethical Practices

CCS Packaging promotes environmental sustainability and ethical practices by pursuing industry initiatives, creating eco-friendly processes, and ensuring safe and equitable supply chains. As part of our commitment, we offer crash lock boxes made from FSC® certified materials.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Contact Us To Discuss Crash Lock Boxes

Whether you’re looking for a quote or you want to discuss your ideas, CCS is here to help you. We can completely customise crash lock boxes on the inside and out, including their shape and size, to meet your needs. Contact us today


Opt for Eco-friendly Crash Lock Boxes

As conscious citizens of Sydney and the world, we all have a shared responsibility towards nature. Choosing eco-friendly packaging like our crash lock boxes is a leap in the right direction. These boxes, made from FSC-certified materials, are not only sustainable but also durable and cost-effective.

Opting for such an environmentally-friendly solution helps reduce your brand’s carbon footprint, signalling a commitment to ethical business practices. The growing global concern for the environment have led consumers to appreciate and opt for brands that make sustainable choices, making our crash lock boxes the perfect choice.

Why Choose Crash Lock Boxes from CCS?

Choosing our crash lock boxes not just means choosing a high-quality, sturdy product but also a decided edge over competitors. Here’s why:

  • Time-saving: With a design that snaps into place in seconds without the need for extra tools or adhesives, these boxes save time in packaging.
  • Versatility: As a Sydney-based company, we offer customisable options to suit the diverse needs of businesses in the regions of Bondi, Parramatta, and Manly. Whether it’s for food packaging businesses, our crash lock boxes can be tailored aesthetically and functionally.
  • Eco-Friendly: As emphasised before, these boxes, made of FSC-certified materials, align with our commitment to sustainability and ethical businesses.
  • Our Expertise: With over 30 years of experience in high-end packaging, our dedicated team guarantees not just a product but a service that matches your expectations.

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How to Assemble Crash Lock Boxes?

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of our crash lock boxes in Sydney and surrounding areas like Balmain, Darlinghurst, and Newtown, is the ease of assembly. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Start by laying the box flat. The flaps and tabs should be facing upwards.
  2. Grab the sides of the boxes and lift them upwards. The base will automatically lock into place in response.
  3. Fold down the upper flaps and tuck them into the box.
  4. Your crash lock box is ready for use.

Enhance Your Brand with Custom Printed Crash Lock Boxes

In the digital age, where unboxing experiences are shared on social media, the outer packaging matters as much as the product it encases. With custom printed crash lock boxes, create an unforgettable first impression.

We offer bespoke printing to match your branding style – from brand colours, logo, to creative designs. Every box leaving your warehouse is an opportunity for brand visibility and engagement.

Make a Smart Choice with Crash Lock Boxes

Choosing crash lock boxes is a smart decision for businesses in North Sydney, Chatswood, and Mosman. The simplicity of assembling, the bespoke customisable options, and an unmistakable commitment to sustainable practices – all in one product.

The boxes are not just a packaging solution; they are an embodiment of your brand’s uniqueness and values. Experience the difference by ordering your crash lock boxes online or call us at 61 – 297 488 333 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions for Crash Lock Boxes in Sydney

Opting for crash lock boxes not only offers a sustainable packaging solution but also saves time due to its easy assembly. It’s versatile and can be custom-made to suit different business needs. Companies that use these boxes demonstrate a clear commitment to eco-friendly practices, which resonates with modern consumers.

Crash lock boxes are easy to assemble. Simply lay the box flat with flaps facing upwards. Grab the sides and lift, the base will automatically lock in response. Fold the upper flaps down and tuck them in.

Yes, as a Sydney-based company, we provide customisable crash lock boxes. We offer bespoke printing matching your branding style, from colours and logo to creative designs, enhancing your brand visibility and engagement.

Yes, our crash lock boxes in Sydney are made from FSC-certified materials. Choosing these boxes helps reduce your brand’s carbon footprint, signalling a commitment to ethical business practices.

You can order crash lock boxes directly from our website or call us at 61 – 297 488 333 for more information. We service areas of North Sydney, Chatswood, Mosman and more.

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